The Ruby Way


The Ruby Way is a Ruby programming book, published by Addison-Wesley. It covers a dizzying amount of Ruby topics in a "how to" format—including data types, meta­program­ming, I/O, GUIs, web develop­ment, OOP, and more. It's an essential book for any Rubyist's library.

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The Ruby Way (3rd Edition) will be available wherever technical books are sold. Start reading it right away at Safari Books Online, or pre-order a paperback copy from, Barnes & Noble, or Addison-Wesley.

People Are Saying

“Sticking to its tried and tested formula of cutting right to the techniques the modern day Rubyist needs to know, the latest edition of The Ruby Way keeps its strong reputation going for the latest generation of the Ruby language.” Peter Cooper of Ruby Weekly

Sample Chapter

“A string, as in other languages, is simply a sequence of characters. Like most entities in Ruby, strings are first-class objects. In everyday programming, we need to manipulate strings in many ways. We want to concatenate strings, tokenize them, analyze them, perform searches and substitutions, and more. Ruby makes most of these tasks easy.” more…

Hal Fulton

Hal first programmed with Ruby in 1999. In 2001, he began writing The Ruby Way, the second Ruby book published in English. He holds two computer science degrees from the University of Mississippi, and taught computer science for four years. He has worked for more than 25 years with various forms of UNIX and Linux. He is currently employed at in Fort Worth, Texas, working primarily in Ruby. His website is

André Arko

André first encountered Ruby as a student in 2004, when The Ruby Way helped him decide to pursue a career as a Ruby programmer. Working at Cloud City Development, he provides expertise on web development and Ruby for clients. He spends his free time working on Bundler, the Ruby dependency manager, and doing volunteer work to increase diversity and inclusiveness throughout the Ruby community. His website and blog are at

Source Code

The Ruby Way contains a lot of Ruby code. Once the book is published, you'll be able to download all of the source code contained in the book from this page, so you can try it out, experiment, and see examples of how to do things in Ruby without having to type everything in yourself.


If you've found an error, please check the errata list for corrections. To report new errata, give feedback about the book, or to request a free Ruby Way sticker, email the authors. They can also be found on Twitter as @hal_fulton and @indirect.

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